Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friends Birthday!

Two of my wonderful friends are celebrating their birthday soon. I made these cards for them. I love this technique ... " Torn paper image". Stamps the same image on 3 different color of paper ... tear the papers and align so it will complete the image. It's like a puzzle... I embellished with Rhine stones, ribbon, paper flowers and text on the right. The text is beautiful... It says something like " The most beautiful flower loses its beauty... but a true friend last for eternity" (my translation)!!!

For this one I have been having fun playing with my Cuttlebug... I love those embossing borders... it allows lots of creativity!

Ok now, the envelopes and in the mail...!


Cheryl said...

What beautiful cards you are sending to your friends! I know I would love to receive a BC like the ones you did.

Enjoy your time in Naples!

Jodi said...

Beautiful cards, Francine!

Sandie R said...

Beautiful Brithday cards Francine. Your friends are very lucky indead.