Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More Christmas Cards

Hello my friends...
I have made these 2 Christmas cards this week end. The first one "Christmas Angel", stamps and paper where provided by Bonnidee shop http://www.bonnidee.com/en/ letters where done through my Cuttlebug, and the second one " La magie de Noël " was a make and take mini photo album done at Bonnidee booth at Passion couleurs convention this week end.
Christmas Angel
La magie de Noël

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not your AVERAGE Shape Card

These cards where done for a mingle on one of my groups. It was a bit challenging but whit some research I found wonderful templates to help me!



Getting started with Christmas cards...

Again those are very simple, no stamping, cards... More elaborated X-Mas cards will come!!! Those cards where done on recycle card stock...!

Girly Black and Pink

I found some nice black and pink paper in a small shop in Owen Sound. I thought it would be perfect to make some spare cards for the "Just because" card I need sometime. Most have no wording yet, you never know what the occasion might be!!!

Playing with Cuttlebug...

I had promised myself that I would take some time to use my Cuttlebug. I bought it last year and never touched it since this summer...! I must say that it's lots of fun and now I bought even more templates and some gorgeous ones for Christmas...!
These cards where my first attempt, for the 2 first one I used the border templates but it might not show very much on the picture. The bottom one is the Holly branch and the effect is done by sanding the embossed leaves.

Summer is over...

Hello my friends Fall is here and it's beautiful.... But, it also means the end of vacation for a little while! I had a great summer traveling with our RV and visiting nice places in Canada. During these vacations I also did a few quick and easy cards, since I cannot have my entire studio material in the RV I had to be selective...!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The mystery project!

On one of the groups I belong to we had a very nice challenge to do. Our group mom had 11 objects to send to 11 ladies who would willing to alter it... we did not know what the object was!!! I submitted my name ... Unfortunately my name was not picked in the first round... but then one of the lady could'nt do the project so I got lucky and my name was picked for the challenge. The mystery object was an accordian folder to be altered:
We where entirely free to alter it the way we wanted... I thought this was my first opportunity to do a mix media project as I've been wanted to try for some time ... So I gather, gesso, newspaper, mulberry paper, Golden purnice paste, embossing powder, decoupage photos, grunge flourish, embelishment key, paint, stamps, inks, letters and made doors out of fimo paste and mold.... here is the result:
I had a great time working on this art project, what I didn't know at first was that the 11 projects where to be voted on and the winner would receive a prize from our group mom Cheryl (she is a very generous lady)... The voting took place and we where 2 winners ... so we had an elimination vote... again it was close I came second... but to me I'm won the confidence to start doing projects I was a bit afraid of doing... I never thought I would be so happy with what I did.

Thank you to Cheryl for her generosity and thank you for giving me the opportunity to play outside of my box!!!!

On the road again

Hello It's been a while since I have wrote on my blog... I was and am still away from home in the beautiful setting of Meaford, Ontario. It is located on the shore of the Gorgian Bay and it's awesome... our campsite is 2 steps away from the water and we are having beautiful weather. Below 2 pictures of a sunset on the Bay.

I will be back home by mid-September and will start working on all those projects that have been on my mind during these quiet moments...

Talk to you soon my friends...!