Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Cards....

Happy New Year dear Blogger and Followers!  My wish for you ... Health and inspiration for 2013... as a card or mix media artist, to me, these are essential!
What have I been doing lately... well except from Christmas cards... I have been on training to learn the use of Copic markers.... Yes, I know I always said I did not want to get into buying those... I had already so many different brands... But, I could not resist when I saw all the beautiful colors and artwork done with those... so now I would like to show you what I did ... of course you have to keep in mind that I'm a beginner... I have to keep it in mind too... we are so hard with our self!







Night background technique.

That's it for now my friends... Hope you will have a wonderful year of creating, learning and discovering !
Take care and remember " Comments are very much appreciated "!