Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Cards....

Happy New Year dear Blogger and Followers!  My wish for you ... Health and inspiration for 2013... as a card or mix media artist, to me, these are essential!
What have I been doing lately... well except from Christmas cards... I have been on training to learn the use of Copic markers.... Yes, I know I always said I did not want to get into buying those... I had already so many different brands... But, I could not resist when I saw all the beautiful colors and artwork done with those... so now I would like to show you what I did ... of course you have to keep in mind that I'm a beginner... I have to keep it in mind too... we are so hard with our self!







Night background technique.

That's it for now my friends... Hope you will have a wonderful year of creating, learning and discovering !
Take care and remember " Comments are very much appreciated "!


Cindy C. said...

Happy 2013 to you too Francine! I like what you did on your blog, a very refreshing look indeed! Those Copic markers are addictive, aren't they? Beautiful colourings on those cards. Well done!

Anne said...

Superbes Créations, je découvre votre blog et j'en suis ravie!

Anonymous said...

Vraiment bien réussi tes coloriages.Ton blog est une mine d'inspiration!