Sunday, July 6, 2008

Stamping & Paper Arts Master Class-Heirloom's West Springliefd Rubber Stamp and Paper Arts Festival (part 2)

Friday evening was the class with professional artists and well known stamping experts : MaryJo McGraw, Zana Clark, and Darlene Domel. Each one shared some techniques, product knowledge, and creativity ideas. I enjoyed this class very much.
MaryJo McGraw, talked to us about the different type of inks, the quality, their use and how to recognized them. She also challenged us to create 2 post cards using 3 different color of ink and 3 stamps... she encourage us to use the colors and stamps that we would not normally pick... ( Think outside of the box)... MaryJo did talk to us about a product I didn't know. It's a Double-sided tape perfect for layering. Holds paper fabric Paper Cords™ plastic and more. Mosaic Tape can be cut or torn which makes it convenient and easy to use. It can also be used and reused with acrylic blocs for unmounted stamps. It can easily replace the well known more expensive one. It is available from Judy Kins under the adhesive section. Darlene Domel from Stampland demonstrated on the masking technique using here "Mask to the Max" way. Here again I discovered a new masking tape called "Eclipse Tape" from Judikins. This is a tough, reusable, repositionable tape that makes masking a breeze. Use it to create your masks and store them right on top the stamp. Reusable and removable! She also had us work with the "Judikins Color Dusters" an excellent tool to apply a light dusting of stamp pad inks, pastel chalks or watercolors. These bristle brush applicators feature a compact easy to grip turned wood handle and produce a light dotted or stippled effect that adds depth and/or highlights. Load Color Dusterª with color by tapping it directly on stamp pad or paint palette. Creates delicate shading and background effects. I thought both products where fantastic ... no need to say that I have them now!
Zana Clark, and her terrific spray watercolor has shared with us some of her new idea, gave us more tips to play with those inks. For me it was fun and an occasion to see Zana with whom I had taken a 3 day seminar a few years ago.
I love working with those watercolor and when Zana told me that she had a Craft & Cruise coming up in March 09 I thought that is was time for me to realize a this dream I had of going on one of those cruises. Fortunately, I found myself inquiring about the details at the same time as this very nice lady from Québec who was at the convention too... It was like we known each other all our life...
Decision was not hard to make our reservations are done and we are going to Craft and Cruise with Zana and Jackie in March 09. It's a dream come true...!!!
Overall I did enjoy my time at this Convention and bought lots of supplies that are difficult to find here in Québec.


Dorothy said...

A Craft and Cruise!!! How exciting!!! Where will you cruise to Francine?

Your tribute to your uncle is very touching. God Bless him!!! (and you too!)

Passionforstamping said...

Oh how exciting!!!!! I am so jealous!

Nicole said...

Wow! Enjoy your cruise, Francine! What fun!

I've got some of that Mosiac tape that MaryJo recommends (spent an arm and a leg on it because of her recommendation!) - it's as good as she says it is. Did you get some?


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

THANK YOU so much for sharing these samples, Francine!!!! They are TO DIE FOR!!!!!!!!!

Have fun on your cruise!!!!